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Małgorzata Palusińska MSc

Research areas

Genetics and Molecular Biology, Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biotechnology

Research outcome

6 scientific publications, h-index of 4

I am actually finishing up my PhD at University of Warsaw. My research focuses on the process of controlling root-to-shoot metals translocation (micronutrients as well as toxic non-essential elements) what is is important for a plant to adjust to a varying mineral composition of soil solution / medium, and to the presence of toxic minerals.


Molecular mechanisms underlying control of metals translocation to shoots could be important for phytoremediation (it is important that metals are accumulated efficiently in aerial plant parts) but also for tobacco companies – knowledge on the regulation of low influx of cadmium to shoots/leaves might help to reduce the level of Cd in tobacco leaves (Cd is continuously released to the environment with fertilizers and herbicides) which is important for tobacco smokers.


The previously study showed that Zn translocation to tobacco shoots is stimulated by Cd concentrationin the medium. These changes were accompanied by higher expression of ZIP genes in the roots. It suggest that ZIP genes could be involved in the control of Zn/Cd translocation to shoots in tobacco.


The main aim of my PhD is to determine the role of ZIP genes from tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum) in the stimulation of Zn root-to-shoot translocation in the presence of Cd.


Selected publications

Małgorzata Palusińska, Anna Barabasz, Katarzyna Kozak, Anna Papierniak, Karolina Maślińska and Danuta Maria Antosiewicz ,, Zn/Cd status-dependent accumulation of Zn and Cd in root parts in tobacco is accompanied by specific expression of ZIP genes” BMC Plant Biology 20, 37 (2020)

Katarzyna Kozak, Anna Papierniak, Anna Barabasz, Maria Kendziorek, Małgorzata Palusińska, Lorraine Elizabeth Williams, Danuta Maria Antosiewicz,,NtZIP11, a new Zn transporter specifically upregulated in tobacco leaves by toxic Zn level"Environmental and Experimental Botany, 157 (2018) 69-78

Anna Papierniak, Katarzyna Kozak, Maria Kendziorek, Anna Barabasz, Małgorzata Palusińska, Jerzy Tiuryn, Bohdan Paterczyk, Lorraine E. P. Williams, Danuta Maria Antosiewicz., „Contribution of NtZIP1-like to the Regulation of Zn Homeostasis”, Frontiers in Plant Science, 9 (2018) 185

M Matras, E Borzym, D Stone, K Way, M Stachnik, J Maj-Paluch, M Palusinska and M Reichert. ,,Carp edema virus in Polish aquaculture – evidence of significant sequence divergence and a new lineage in common carp Cyprinus carpio (L.)” Journal of Fish Diseases 2017, 40, 319–325


M Reichert, E Borzym, M Matras, J Maj-Paluch, M Stachnik and M Palusinska. ,,Down-regulation of MHC class I mRNA expression in the course of KHV infection”, Journal of Fish Diseases 2016, 39, 1253–1256


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