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Aneta Jończy PhD

Aneta Jończy PhD


Assistant Professor  - Institute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology PAS

Research areas:

Molecular and physiological interactions between copper and iron metabolisms in mammals, biology of macrophages, role of copper and iron in innate immunity

Research outcome:

9 scientific publications (JCR)

Realised research projects:

- Principle Investigator: Preludium 13, NCN, 2018-2021 - Role of copper in the regulation of cellular iron export machinery in proinflammatory macrophages.

- Project contractor: Opus 17, NCN, 2020-2022 - Molecular mechanisms of transplacental iron transport and regulation of iron metabolism in domestic pig and wild boar neonates: comparative studies

- Project contractor: KNOW (Leading National Research Centre) Scientific Consortium “Healthy Animal – Safe Food” 2016-2019 - Determination of the molecular mechanisms of the interaction between copper and iron metabolisms and the use of copper for treatment of iron deficiency anemia in piglets

Selected publications:

- Mazgaj R, Szudzik M, Lipiński P, Jończy A, Smuda E, Kamyczek M, Cieślak B, Swinkels D, Lenartowicz  M, Starzyński RR*. Effect of Oral Supplementation of Healthy Pregnant Sows with Sucrosomial Ferric Pyrophosphate on Maternal Iron Status and Hepatic Iron Stores in Newborn Piglets. Animals (Basel).2020 Jun 29;10(7):1113.

-Jończy A, Lipiński P*, Ogórek M, Starzyński RR, Krzysztofik D, Bednarz A, Krzeptowski W, Szudzik M, Haberkiewicz O, Miłoń A, Grzmil P, Lenartowicz M*. Functional iron deficiency in toxic milk mutant mice (tx-J) despite high hepatic ferroportin: a critical role of decreased GPI-ceruloplasmin expression in liver macrophages. Metallomics. 2019 Jun 19;11(6):1079-1092.

- Bednarz A, Lipiński P, Starzyński R, Tomczyk M, Nowak W, Mucha O, Ogórek M,Pierzchała O, Jończy A, Staroń R, Śmierzchalska J, Rajfur Z, Baster Z, Jozkowicz A, Lenartowicz M. Role of the kidneys in the redistribution of heme-derived iron during neonatal hemolysis in mice. Scientific Reports 2019 Jul 31;9(1):11102.

- Lenartowicz M, Starzyński RR, Jończy A, Staroń R, Antoniuk J, Krzeptowski W, Grzmil P, Bednarz A, Pierzchała O, Ogórek M, Rajfur Z, Baster Z, Lipiński P. Copper therapy reduces intravascular hemolysis and derepresses ferroportin in mice with mosaic mutation (Atp7amo-ms): An implication for copper-mediated regulation of the Slc40a1 gene expression. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease. 2017 Jun;1863(6):1410-1421.

- Milczarek A, Starzyński RR, Styś A, Jończy A, Staroń R, Grzelak A, Lipiński P. A drastic superoxide-dependent oxidative stress is prerequisite for the down-regulation of IRP1: Insights from studies on SOD1-deficient mice and macrophages treated with paraquat. PLoS One. 2017 May 19;12(5):e0176800. 

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