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Agnieszka Białek, PhD

Scientific interests:

Influence of food bioactivie compounds (e.g. conjugated fatty acids) on human health (model animals), bromatology, nutrigenomics, lipidomics, developmental programming, dietary supplements.

Scientific achievements:

>50 scientific paper, including 27 original papers of JCR, 8 review papers, 9 chapters; citations: 125, H index: 9.

Selected scientific achievements:

  1. Establishment that proper maternal dietary intake of conjugated linoleic acids decreases the mammary tumours risk in the progeny.
  2. Revelation of the influence of dietary fatty acids conjugated dienes and trienes on the risk of cancer, the mechanisms of their impact on lipid metabolism and their connection with peroxidation.
  3. Demonstration in the preliminary cardio-oncological studies of the effect of diet supplementation by conjugated fatty acids and selected plan materials on lipid metabolism in cardiac tissues during ongoing neoplastic process.


Laureate of the scientific awards of his Rector Magnificence of the Medical University of Warsaw, the awards for scientific works at international and national conferences and didactic awards of his Rector Magnificence of the Medical University of Warsaw. She was awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit (426-2016-50) in 2016.

Research projects:

  1. Project manager of National Science Centre grant 2018/02/X/NZ9/01770 „The importance of tissue lipid oxidation in the cancer process including dietary supplementation with selected plant raw materials - preliminary research on a breast cancer model,
  2. PhD project of Ministry of Science and Higher Education N N405 362137 „Influence of maternal dietary intake of conjugated linoleic acids on cancer risk in the progeny”
  3. Project manager of three (FW12/WB2/09, FW12/PM1/11, FW12/PM31/14/14) and participant of one (FW12/W1/08) scientific projects of Medical University of Warsaw

Organizational activities, dissemination of knowledge and others:

Graduate of postgraduate studies „Scientific project management” at Gdynia Maritime University as part of the project „STER dla B+R”; expert in The National Centre for Reserch and Development;

Participant of the project „Staż – Sukcesem Naukowca”; member of Polish Pharmaceutical Society, Polish Toxicological Society, Polish Society of Nutritional Science;

Lecturer of Medical University of Warsaw  (for 14 years); supervisor and promoter of many bachelor's and master's theses, promoter of one doctoral dissertation; she has been conducting lectures and workshops for children and teenagers during Science Festival, in BayLab and during workshops „Poznaj nasz Wydział”.